April 02, 2008

wispy cloud 'n tree

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

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photowannabe said...

If this was in shades of green and blue it could be the aroura sp? borialis sp? Man, I murdered that spelling.
Beautiful shot. I love the whispy clouds.
Very clever comeback comment on being knotty...

Melinda said...

that is a really cool looking cloud. i love it!

Melinda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AphotoAday said...

Howdie Doodie, folks,

Yesterday I decided to send the cloud photo into FredMiranda.com (an excellent and very helpful photo site) to get some comments on that photo, and I thought it might be interesting to show what the four people who responded wrote:

[This is what I wrote when I submitted the photo]
This was a pretty easy catch, and all I had to do in Photoshop was set the high levels. I like it, but you may not.
And if someone suggests cloning out the tree in the right corner, I'm probably going to go slit my wrists (just kidding)...
[First Response]
I would clone the trees out in the right corner. Kidding also!
The clouds are interesting, but not interesting enough to carry the image, in my opinion.
[Second Response]
I love these sorts of clouds. The tree kills it for me though, as it makes it just un-abstract enough that it
doesn't work for me. I'd just crop it out and call it a great abstract. Nice catch.
[Third Response]
Hey Donald,
Got the men in the white jackets coming to your place, cause the tree's gotta go! If you were looking for an anchor
point, then I think you needed a bit more of it. If you were going for an abstract look, then you need to go 100%.
Cool looking clouds though.
[Fourth Response]
Sorry to agree....(DON'T DO IT!!)
My first thought was there needs to be more tree for framing and anchor, or none for totally abstract. Very cool
[And I just wrote this reply to the comments]
I really appreciate the input, all...
And yes, the guys in the white coats stop by my place on a regular basis, but I don't think I'd ever have enough
nerve to slit my wrists.
I think everybody has a valid comment. I have two or three other shots with more of the tree showing, and with a
little curve work I might even be able to get a bit of detail into the branches. And heck, I might experiment with a
square and no tree at all, although I think the tree gives it a sense of perspective and size. In either case, I'll
keep my eyes open for more clouds -- they're an easy catch. I shoud get a polarizer so I can do really dramatic
stuff, although I usually tend to gravitate towards the more "subtle approach" in my photos.
Thanks again for your comments -- you guys (and FM) are great!
----------------- the end ----------------------------------

Melinda said...

whats up with all the "get rid of the tree" comments? i like the tree, it gives it some perspective, some other sort of texture to the picture. leave the tree.

Texas Travelers said...

I may slit my wrists over some of those FredMiranda comments. "A photo is what it is".

Before I read the comments, I was going to say, "I like to look at and photograph clouds and this rates right up there in my favorites".

My perspective (if you pardon the pun) is that the tree lives there and the cloud was just a beautiful visitor. They go together. Don't crop.

I still polarize on very rare occasion, but in my opinion this doesn't need it. The sky is nice and dark, and the levels look perfect.

Great Shot.

I also was going to say that I have never seen a cloud formation exactly like this, but then again no 2 cloudscapes are ever the same.

I'll say it again, Great Shot.

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