September 07, 2013

"test of time" 7 of 30 - Cypress, P.G. graveyard, 1964

photo by Donald Kinney

Oh, I guess I've always spent a lot of time in graveyards. Probably more than the average Joe... But where else is a guy going to find some peace and quiet, and maybe a few photo ops.

This is a print I showed Ansel Adams on my return trip to his home in the Carmel Highlands in 1964. He really liked the image and asked me where this grave was located, and when I reported the Municipal Cemetery in Pacific Grove, out by the lighthouse, he said he wasn't aware of the place. I don't know if he ever visited "P.G." Cemetery or not--he was a busy guy.

Anyway, this is probably my best photo from that era. In 1964 I was a "junior" in high-school, and at that age all I could think about was photography. My hobby had rewards: The Monterey Peninsula Herald published a full page of my photos with the bold title of "Forms in Nature". The Monterey County Fair was a yearly challenge. I won a few ribbons!

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