September 06, 2013

"test of time" 6 of 30 - Cannery Row wasn't far, 1964

photo by Donald Kinney

Living on the east side of Pacific Grove, Monterey wasn't far, and Cannery Row was even closer. My dad worked in several of the canneries in the early 1950's as a bookkeeper, and he saw cannery after cannery fail because the once plentiful Sardines either got fished out or left town.

This is the land of Stienbeck. And his buddy Doc. About "Good Old Roy" who
in 1962 Good Old Roy, who operated his curio business in the historic Wing Chong Market building got together with either Brett or Cole Weston and curated a really great showing of Edward Weston's work. I don't remember what an Edward Weston print was selling for in those days, but today his 8x10 contact prints go for upwards of $8000.
had a curio shop on the main drag at Cannery Row. Right here in Monterey Bay I remember taking terribly cold dips in icy salt-water. We had a favorite beach behind the Stanford Marine Biology Station where we weren't permitted to swim, but did anyway.

At night, it was the bark of sea lions. The fog horn and even a ding from the buoy off Point Pinos. I can remember fishing for crab off the back of one of the canneries where my dad worked. The Monterey Bay Aquarium at the west end had not yet been built.

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