September 30, 2013

"test of time" 30 of 30 - the ever so photogenic, Kitty

photo by Donald Kinney

This is going back to the mid to late 1990's, but one Saturday morning I heard an excited knock at my door from little Jolie who lived upstairs. The news was they were going to the animal shelter to pick out a kitten. Jolie, being quite the detail oriented little 10-year-old, had called and gotten the particulars on what was available. Jolie went through the list from memory, but when she mentioned they had a black-and-white bicolor shorthair, I recommended strongly that Jolie come home with that one--and she did.

Kitty came to live with me at age 3 or 4 when Jolie's family moved on.

Starting at the end of 2003, for 8 or 9 years Kitty and I kept a sophomoric daily blog of her daily doings. Kitty didn't mind posing for the camera, and Photoshop took her visiting places where only her imagination could reach.

CLICK for 40 photos on what I call my "big site";
CLICK for "Photographing Marin County"; my Marin County exhibit.


Zoomie said...

Cats in general are so photogenic, with their domesticity paired with their essential wildness. Fun shot!

MELI. said...

hi kitty! meow meow :)

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