September 25, 2013

"test of time" 25 of 30 - cowtracks, Petaluma, 1988

photo by Donald Kinney

Assuming a clear day, the sun is low and shadows are long twice a day. Seasons also have an influence and add a bit of variety.

And the land itself can change over time--today the scene (above) looks quite different.

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Nancy Ewart said...

I really like this series of "where you came from." I can see how your eye developed; bravo to you for keeping on working and developing your skills. Plus I always love to read about an artist's work in their own works.

BTW - got several compliments on your photo. I had a dinner last week for friends and they all admired your work. I gave them your URL/address and encouraged them to look AND BUY SOMETHING FROM A LOCAL ARTIST.

Ok. caps off now.

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