September 17, 2013

"test of time" 17 of 30 - Sycamore bark, Big Sur, 1966

photo by Donald Kinney

Starting at the north end of the Bixby Bridge is the washboarded, bumpy and dusty inland route to Big Sur. A guaranteed adventure. Not for the typical fainthearted tourist, but perfect for a motorized--it started with a Vespa--young Donald. Signs warn this rocky road might not be passable during Winter. And those warning signs may be right, but Winter and of course Spring are the times when Big Sur is most lush. And photographable...

The old road reemerged with the coast highway. It had been a long journey that day, up and down spectacular canyons. Across a mountain of marble. Mission Accomplished--photography... Another Polaroid print.

This is Sycamore bark. The pattern quickly caught my eye.

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