September 20, 2013

"test of time" 20 of 30 - Monterey Pines, my roots, 1966

photo by Donald Kinney

Who would have known that I would have ended up growing up in such a beautiful area--the Monterey Peninsula. And it worked out well--my dad was happy with a rather pedestrian job as a bookkeeper on Cannery Row. When the Sardines vanished, he found a new job with Monterey Schools.

So, both Monterey and San Francisco have Pine trees, Cypress as well;
and both places also have fog--lots of fog. Only 100 miles south of San Francisco, Monterey's weather is quite similar with a heavy moderating influence from the Pacific Ocean.

And I always knew I was growing up in a splendid area. A slightly less hurried approach to life than in the big city to the north. The Monterey Peninsula was ideal for nature lovers--a place to get away from it all.

So that is what the Monterey Peninsula holds for me today--memories.
My mind holds on to all of the beauty that I saw at a very early age.
To remember it from then, and to be able to visit similar and equally beautiful places now--that is the reward.

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