September 14, 2013

"test of time" 14 of 30 - sandstone at Point Lobos, 1965

photo by Donald Kinney

Admittedly, I idolized Edward Weston. He was the "master of shapes" of the layered sandstone rocks of Point Lobos. Today "Weston Beach" is officially named in his honor.

A long line of photographers, some perhaps more serious than others, have made the pilgrimage to Weston Beach on the south shore of Point Lobos, just south of Carmel. And in 1965 when I made this image and many others, I was one of those very serious photographers. Long hours in the darkroom.

In 1969 I was finally drafted into the Army. Somewhat inevitable, but as luck would have it, I was sent to Germany--not Vietnam. I offer no apologies--only sadness and regret for the thousands of lives lost in another one of those messy wars. History has a way of repeating itself.

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