September 29, 2009

wild times on Folsom Street

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Oh how interesting -- yesterday I had 20 "Blogger Followers", and today I have only 19...   Someone probably saw what was coming and gave me the boot.   I guess I've become just a bit too controversial.   I am absolutely delighted!   To quote our former Commander-in-Chief; "Mission Accomplished".

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

So anyway, on Sunday I made my way over to the annual Folsom Street Fair, which I understand doesn't represent the whole of the gay community -- but this is definitely on the wilder side.

There was a heavy emphasis on leather -- for those who were wearing anything at all.   Spankings were being freely dispensed here and there throughout the wall-to-wall mass of sweaty flesh.   Menacing looking characters everywhere -- each with the heart of a pussycat.

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Gold's Gym had an entire side-block of dancers on platforms performing bumps-and-grinds to a thumping beat.   And yes, the music was loud.   CLICK if you dare, for a slightly more risque version of this shot.

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

So, I guess it all boils down to love and understanding.   Acceptance and cooperation.   And that most essential ingredient -- having a really good time.   I'll show you a few more photos tomorrow.

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Tomate Farcie said...

Well done!! The Folsom St. Fair is not for the faint of the heart and you came up with really good shots!

Rhett Redelings said...

Regarding your losing a follower, your bravery and commitment to capturing what needs to be captured cements *me* as a follower. The warmth and joie de vivre you've shared with us here is universal and only those too broken too appreciate it will "think" otherwise.

Louise said...

I've never been up to 19 who subscribe to me in a reader. I don't have "followers."

Am I too radical to say that this (in pictures at least) seems tame when compared to the Pride Parade? OK, the spankings and all... but the get-ups at the other parade seem more outrageous to me.

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