February 05, 2012

treasure hunt on Mount Tamalpais, part 1 of 2

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photo by Donald Kinney

My beloved Mount Tamalpais (tam - al - pie' - us) never fails to surprise me with her beauty and variety. Ridgecrest Boulevard snakes it's way along her northern flank. This road has been used countless times over the years as a backdrop in automobile commercials--currently Ford is running one on TV for their "Escape" model.

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photo by Donald Kinney

This is the Sidney B. Cushing Theater, built in 1913. It's home to the "Mountain Play". Performances over the years range from the first in 1913--"Abraham and Isaac", to some rather cheesy but fun sounding adaptations in recent years--such as "Oklahoma" and "Hair". There's room for 4000 attendees here. Most folks know to bring cushions along with them to the performances--giant Serpentine blocks are used for seating. You can read more about the history of Mountain Theater here.

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photo by Donald Kinney

Okay, just for fun, lets turn this from a treasure-hunt into a guessing-game. What is this? One clue--it's on the West Peak of Mount Tamalpais at 2574 feet, which is two feet taller than more accessible East Peak.

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John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

A solar panel. And I would be very uncomfortable without a cushion.

AphotoAday said...

Congratulations, SINBAD'S DAD, you've guess correctly and win the grand prize -- ten points and a gold star. And yeah, I've never been to the Mountain Play but I'd be pretty darn uncomfortable without a cushion too.

Marvin said...

Uncomfortable, but photogenic.

Anonymous said...

I saw The Fantastiks at that theater about 40 years ago. It's still one of my favorite memories.
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