October 30, 2008

splash, up close

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Oh, I know what you're going to ask -- did I get wet?   Well, occasionally I do get sprayed but usually I am more concerned about my camera getting wet than me...   But a person needs to be really careful about rare "sleeper waves" -- huge monster waves that can sweep the poor unsuspecting photographer off the rocks in the blink of an eye...   Fortunately, that's what telephoto lenses are made for, and although my 200mm isn't all that "long" (full size sensor on my Canon5D so there is no crop factor), it allows me to shoot in relative safety.

This photo was made at the Half Moon Bay breakwater, and there was quite a crowd gathered to watch the surfers and waves.   One mother was allowing her children to get repeatedly splashed and sprayed -- she and they were absolutely soaked, but despite all the screams they were not in any real danger.

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Photo Cache said...

I love that part of our world. I should go back there again. I really enjoy your water shots Don.

photowannabe said...

Nice action catch. I wonder how this one would be "posterized"? Maybe kind of interesting colorized and abstract.

Ken Conger Photography said...

Great perspecitve. Really like your sun/bridge image as well. Blue Skies.

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