May 04, 2012

tails and tales

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photo by Donald Kinney

Shortly after I decided on this image yesterday I realized I could have made a better shot by employing fill-flash. I would have ended up with a properly illuminated image--but one that would have looked just like it had been treated with fill-flash. I've got to ask--where is the FUN in that?

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photo by Donald Kinney

Okay, lets see, what OTHER piece of equipment did I NOT use? My silly TRIPOD, of course... Oh, I've got one, but I usually make it stay in the car. Lug that #$%@*! around for a while and the fun of photographing quickly fades. It's usually easy to find something suitable to brace the camera on.

Location (above): Loch Lomond Spit, on San Pablo Bay, near San Rafael.

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photo by Donald Kinney

More Cat-tails, Typha, corndog-grass, punks, or whatever you want to call them. Location: San Andreas faultline, near Point Reyes Station, Marin County, California.

And here is a tale of a little lover of a cat that I used to call Kitty. It's been about 10 months now...

But lets go back about 16 years. It's a Saturday when the (then) little girl from upstairs, Jolie, excitedly knocked on my door with news that she and her family were going to pick out a kitten at the Humane Society. Jolie, only 9 but quite the organizer, had already phoned the shelter to get the specifics.

When Jolie gave me the rundown, which included a BLACK AND WHITE cat, something immediately clicked and I told Jolie that she should most definitely adopt the BLACK AND WHITE cat. Not a bit of doubt in my mind which cat she should pick.

So Jolie and her family came home with the BLACK AND WHITE cat, a.k.a.: "Tuxedo Cat", so you see, I've known "Kitty" most all of her life. Kitty would visit me on a regular basis--and one day, when she was about 2, came to stay permanently when her family moved on and couldn't take her along.

So, I thought I was mostly a "dog-person", but get a cat and see what happens. Early in the relationship the cat has us sign a loyalty oath, whereby we SWEAR to abide by the cat's terms. Debate is discouraged. Getting a cat is the beginning of giving up OUR wishes for those of our furry little Gods and Goddesses. Its a religious kind of thing, I suppose...

Okay, you DOG lovers out there... Stop shaking your head in disbelief.

Now, don't get me wrong here--I'm bragging about my Kitty, not my sketchy attempts at web-mastering; but, so, if you didn't already know, I hammered-out a daily blog covering Kitty's antics from 2004 to mid 2011. I had fun with it (((hope you can tell))) and the blog had a good run. Even today KittyBLOG holds on to the number one ranking for the Google search term; "kitty blog". As for the search term "cat blog" KittyBLOG is farther down on the list at about number 56.
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John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

Tripod woes, here's what I do. With the camera mounted on the tripod and the camera sling around my neck, I tuck the legs of the tripod between the straps of my shoulder bag (I never use a backpack) and let the legs of the tripod rest on the shoulder bag. The weight is distributed between two seperate carrying points and the whole set-up poses no problem while hiking. Enjoyed reading about how Kitty came into your life. If you want to know the character of a man, find out what his cat thinks of him.

Civic Center said...

Wow, so Kitty lives forever. Just like Miss Tina the Siamese Bitch who presides over FotoTales.

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