May 19, 2012

Mission San Rafael and a little story

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photo by Donald Kinney

Oh Lord, since my beloved Mother was reduced to ashes over ten years ago I think it is now finally safe to let the world know that, no, I never shared the particular religious faith of my parents. They were Bible thumping Protestants--my father was the Choir Director and my mother taught "Sunday School"--oh Lord, I was doomed... I spent more time in Church than the average brat--and hated it with passion. Skipping church was NOT an option, although I eventually figured out that our Church had a BACK door and I could skip out and go on a much more enlightening adventure down at the waterfront rocks on Monterey Bay in our little community of Pacific Grove, California.

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photo by Donald Kinney

Not that it made sense then any more than it makes sense now, but my Mother started a little group for young children after school once each week. The official theme was "Child Evangelism", but it had the imaginative name of "Joy Club", and on Wednesdays after school our living room would be packed with all my little friends, quite eager to soak up the parables and promises spewed forth unquestionably to our impressionable minds.

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photo by Donald Kinney

So, it was a dicey and uncomfortable lifelong struggle, but I eventually joined a church more suitable to my foul disposition--the Church of the Gooey Death. It's a fun, sticky, yet highly spiritual church with only one member--me. I unashamedly worship beauty, and try my best to live my life dedicated to the indefatigable spirit of all, and our relentless quest for peace and the well being of others. Amen.

Mission San Rafael, California, was named after the Archangel Raphael, who was "God's Healing Messenger"... La Mission de Gloriosisimo Principe (San Rafael Mission) was the 20th on the Chain of California Missions... San Rafael Mission was founded by Fray Vicente de Sarria, on December 14, 1817...

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Jennifer said...

Me too - all around. My mother is still living and my lack of religion, and my daughters', is an occasional source of awkwardness. Like you, I worship beauty.

(I find much beauty in churches, as you have here.). Wonderful photos, as always Donald.

Ps, have you ever heard the song, 'And if Venice is Sinking' by Spirit of the West? It's YouTube-able. Am sure you would identify with it, as I do. This post reminded me of it.

AphotoAday said...

Thanks JENNIFER - You must be my soulmate...

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