January 17, 2012

adios, Taylor State Parik

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photo by Donald Kinney

Come July 1, our Governor, "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown will shut about 70 of California's 280 state parks. Taylor State Park (formerly known as Samuel P. Taylor State Park) will be closed until California can work itself out of a budget crisis.

In November 2010, voters rejected a plan to keep all the parks open when they turned down Proposition 21, which would have raised vehicle license fees $18 a year. "Moonbeam" Brown's mantra has been "let the people decide" -- he may as well have been saying; "let them eat cake".

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photo by Donald Kinney

It's pretty difficult to padlock a creek. Or a ripple, reflection, or tree. After all, Taylor State Park belongs to the people and critters of California, and not just "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown.

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photo by Donald Kinney

The fact is that shutting down a quarter of California's century-old state park system will save only $22 million -- two-tenths of 1 percent of California's $9.2 billion deficit. Attempts at closing parks in other states have resulted in costly vandalism. Some also point out that closing the parks will actually cost the state millions of dollars in lost taxes from tourism.
(source: San Jose Mercury News)

So why do it?

Seeing beloved beaches, campsites and redwood forests padlocked during the summer could help persuade recalcitrant California residents that the state's budget problems are real -- and make them more likely to vote for Brown's tax-hike initiative in November, political experts say.

Thank you, NOT, Governor "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown for playing politics with my ripples, reflections, and trees.

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John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park across the road from me is already closed. There is a small black and white "CLOSED" sign bolted across the large brown sign on Hwy 12 identifying the turn-off. Worthy of a photo but not by me. I won't get started.

photowannabe said...

These closures just make me sick. My beloved Redwoods...
"Moonbeam" Brown terrific name Don.

Anonymous said...

Fuck him. There, how's that for calling it like it is. The land should not be up for ransom!!

What happens if one tresspasses on closed parkland? I guess I'll just have to find out. Or will they put up f-n barbed wire. Now that's something that makes my blood boil.

Anonymous said...


Your Ohio buddy.

AphotoAday said...

Hi SINBAD'S DAD -- You know, I've heard of Sugarloaf Ridge, but I've never been there for no good reason. And now it's closed. Jeeeeezzzzz...

And PHOTOWANNABE SUE -- You must remember everybody calling him "Moonbeam" back when he was first governor. How in the hell did we get him for a second term, is my question... Obviously better than the jerk we had in there, and the jerk before that... Why does the office of Governor attract such jerks? Check on that, will you, Sue, and get back to me. I think you live closest to Sacramento of any of us...

And hi, Jan Bell, old buddy, old pal. I wasn't too sure about that reflection with tree photo... Handheld at abut 1/30 sec at f2.8, ISO-100, Image Stabilization on, so there you go--who needs a tripod?

photowannabe said...

Thanks for the reply on my blog post Don.
About Moonbeam, I sure didn't vote for him! Yeah, I live minutes away from Sac. but my influence is nonexistent.
About the staircase.
Its in the Chrystal Mall in Las Vegas. Very high end chic place. Terrific place to photograph. Your friend will have a ball with several stairways there. Some of my past posts on ABC days show lots of things from that artsy Mall.
You would really enjoy the photo ops too. Hope that info. helps

photowannabe said...

Oops, I guess it's spelled Crystal Mall.

Hooly said...

Is that the Linda Ronstadt Jerry Brown, or am I getting things mixed up?

What I liked best about your banner is how the photo on the left can 'turn into' different things. I see a couple of human faces and a couple of dogs; my favorite is the face of a cute lil Brussels Griffon on the left hand side. Just thought I'd mention it.

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