January 13, 2012

really, these are my roots

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photo by Donald Kinney

It was really early and really cold, and even though my tripod is really heavy and I really hate to carry it, I thought I should really stop by Phoenix Lake and photograph my favorite roots on a really stable platform so I could take a really long exposure at a really small f-stop so I could get some really extended depth-of-field.

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photo by Donald Kinney

But in reality, I just don't use my tripod as much as I really should. But as I mentioned it's really heavy, and really, it really isn't difficult, usually, really, to find something that I can brace the camera on for steadiness. A tree, rock, fencepost, or even my knee. Combined with the image stabilization of my lens, I think my bracing technique works really well. Unless, of course if it's a really long exposure--this one required a full 30 seconds at f-22 (ISO-100), really.

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

And it's probably really obvious that shooting in the middle of a blackberry patch can be problematic. Those stickers can really stick and scratch. But for a really colorful photo, I suppose I really don't mind.

Really glad you could stop by today. Have a really really nice day. Really!

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photowannabe said...

And I really, really like your efforts to really carry all that really heavy equipment so you can really take some really great photos.
I REALLY, REALLY mean this
Really I do

AphotoAday said...

Dear Photowannabe Sue,
Thank you, thank you, very very much!

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