August 03, 2011

Cowabunga -- surf's up, dude!

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photo by Donald Kinney

My surfer friend, Surfer Dude Robert, tells me that Rodeo Beach isn't even on the map when it comes to challenging places to surf, nevertheless it is a great opportunity for photographers because the waves break close to shore. Normally surfers are just a speck in the distance at the other popular surfing areas.

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photo by Donald Kinney

I stole these surfing terms from Rippin H2O.

BRODAD Someone you dont really care for.
BRODY Another name for bro or dude.
BROHAH Dude or guy
BROSEF Another term for "bro" .. or "brah" in hawaiian slang.
BROSIAH Your hero
BROSKIE Bro or broham, a friend. (see BRAH)
BRU South African variation of bro.
BRUDDA Good Friend, bro.
BRUTAL Hardcore conditions, possibility of being worked.
BUMMER Huge let down. Upset about something.

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photo by Donald Kinney

CARVE Symmetrical, fluid turns.
CARVING Powerful high energy surfing. A move in which a surfer moves up and down the face of a wave. Also known as Rippin.
CAVE Barrel, tube etc
CAVEFISH Pale surfer.
CHAAA Another way of saying ahh.. an expression.
CHANNEL 1. Deep water gap between sandbanks or reefs,normally where you paddle out to catch a wave. 2. A design feature on underside of a surfboard.
CHARGING Aggresively riding a huge wave with confidence.

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photo by Donald Kinney

DOGGED Bailed badly and nearly drown!
DOKE Unbelievable, crazy.
DOLE SURFER Like the better known "Soul surfer" but with a more extensive knowledge of daytime TV.
DONK Somebody who is a stupid dude or dudette.
DONKEY A hawaiian insult, like jerk.. or idiot.
DOPE Cool, The sh@t; "That's dope dude!"
DORK Twerp
DROP Dropping from the crest of the wave to the pit, to take off on a breaking wave and ride down the face to the bottom.

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photo by Donald Kinney

FADE To carve in the opposite direction of a take off point regardless of the waveshape.
FAKEY A bottom turn or carve back toward the whitewater/curl. "He went fakey."
FALLS When the top of the wave pitches out and hurls a waterfall shoreward.
FAMBO To really like a guy or a girl, in total fambo.
FANG To travel across the wave with great speed. eg mick faning
FAR OUT Something said alot in the 70's for no aparent reason.
FAT WAVE An enormous and sweet ride that comes along maybe once a day.
FESTY Totally wicked, sick, grousome.
FIBRO Surboard.
FIERCE Fiercly riding a wave hardcore with no fear.

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photo by Donald Kinney

GARSHED Tired after a day of surfing.
GARYISM Ironic wit.
GET BENT To tell off a kook or a stuck up tourist who believes he owns the beach.
GETTIN' COVERED In the Tube or Barrel. See Tube or Barrel.
GETTING TUBED When the waves comes over your head and covers you, inside the wave and surfing.
GETTING WORKED The action a wave plays on you.
GLADIATOR Male who has more than one strap on his sandles
GUN A large surfboard. A big wave board - long and narrow in shape.
GUNSMOKE Take off really quickly on the board
GUSTER Totally ripped. eg. "that was totally guster bro."

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photowannabe said...

Thanks for my lesson. I actually know some of those terms, surprise for an old lady...
Don't surf but sure watched a ton of them while we lived in Pacifica.

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