July 21, 2008

morning on Chestnut Street, S.F.

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

This is the nice dog I met on Chestnut Street on my Saturday morning stroll...
I bent down, let it sniff the back of my hand, and told it what a good doggie it was...
After I moved on I realized that I had completely failed to acknowledge it's owners
-- but I am guessing they might have been completely ignoring me as well...
Oh well, they were just a couple of yuppies -- not puppies...

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Louise said...

And puppies are SO much more interesting that yuppies!

Marvin said...

Got to watch out for those yuppies; sometimes they bite.

Tomate Farcie said...

Oh, yuppies can bite, for sure!!!

I went "awwww" yesterday because whenever I walk down the street and see a dog on the sidewalk, just like that, that usually lifts my spirits way up! I know there is a possibility for a warm moment with a new 4-legged friend, it really makes me very happy at the moment.

I *love* dogs but could never subject one to my crazy life style, having the poor thing live in a diminutive place in a much too urban environment, being on its own all day and a good part of the evening, unable to get out... how lame.

So the next best thing for me is to enjoy other people's dogs through chance encounters like the one on your picture. And I really do! I have meant to write a post about my 4-legged friends, but dogs are fast-moving creatures and it's pretty difficult to get good shots. Some day, maybe.

Thanks for the warm moment. Just looking at that photograph really makes me feel good! TF

Sandra Evertson said...


Anna said...

LOL! I've done that, too!

I think a lot of the owners are used to it, judging from the responses I've had once I've realized what I've done. When I've looked back, I often find them chuckling.


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