November 21, 2011

an abbreviated visit to Rodeo Beach

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photo by Donald Kinney

It's a drippy and dark relic left over from WW2, but the tunnel from Sausalito to my beloved Rodeo Beach is always an adventure. It's only wide enough for one lane of traffic, so it's generally a five minute wait while the traffic coming the other direction finishes coming through.

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photo by Donald Kinney

So, on Saturday I headed out through the tunnel--I had a suspicion there would be some cool waves at Rodeo Beach, which turned out to be spectacularly true. The storm moving through the area had the waves whipped up into a state of fury, and an opposing wind was blowing spindrift in the most beautiful manner.

I was remarking to myself what a remarkable morning it was going to be. Freezing cold and windy, but the waves were putting on quite a show. My mood changed when I realized I had been SO distracted that I failed to notice a foamy encroaching wave that soaked me half-way up to my knees. Letting out a string of obscenities, I decided to cut my visit short. At my advanced age it is probably better if I don't flirt with hypothermia. There will be other days with even bigger more sneaky waves. I can't wait...

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Civic Center said...

Watch out for those rogue waves, dude, or we'll be losing our favorite photographer.

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