February 22, 2011

the mission at San Juan Bautista

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photo by Donald Kinney

Sunday before last got in the car and ended up about 100 miles to the south, inland a bit, at the California Mission town of San Jaun Bautista.

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photo by Donald Kinney

The mission was built immediately adjacent to the San Andreas Fault and has suffered damage from numerous earthquakes over the years, but it has never been completely demolished.   source: Wikipedia.

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photo by Donald Kinney

And yes, it is amazing that the mission, built of adobe (mud and straw) and unreinforced flat rocks, sitting almost directly on the San Andreas earthquake fault, has continued to remain mostly intact all these years.

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photo by Donald Kinney

Silly me...   I should have known that if I arrived on a Sunday morning they would be holding services inside the mission -- it's something that has been going on for the past 214 years.

But I DO have photos of the interior of the mission from my last trip here two years ago -- check out the first page of my California Mission set on what I call my "big" site at: http://www.photoarrow.com/201californiamissions.html.

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Civic Center said...

Destroying the planet burning Chevron gasoline again, huh? Oh well. The opening Mt. Tam snow shot is a definite "wow."

AphotoAday said...

Thanks Mike!
Yep, that's me, my car, and Chevron out there punching a hole in the ozone, amongst other nasty non-earth-friendly things...
Funny how I thought I was doing such a good thing by buying a Prius four years ago because I could get 50 miles per gallon -- only problem is that I saw it as permission to drive twice as far, twice as often...

photowannabe said...

Don, love the statement about your problem of permission t drive twice as far...you have me a smile at that.
Great texture Mission pictures.

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