May 09, 2009

Clement Street, San Francisco

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photo by Donald Kinney

Clement Street, just one block north of Geary is a busy mixture of American, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese businesses.   A few nightclubs and bars, but mostly businesses for the local population.   It's not really a tourist destination although I think it's almost as exciting as Chinatown.

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photo by Donald Kinney

Turn your back five minutes and some god-damned tagger is going to be messing with your windows, storefront, and signs.

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photo by Donald Kinney

It's kid of embarrassing to share this with you,
but this curtain turns me on...   ((( artistically, of course )))

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photo by Donald Kinney

Like the sign implies -- satisfaction guaranteed...   You're going to get exactly what you came for -- to get totally sloshed and arrive at that all too familiar spot -- The Bitter End...

I've never been inside The Bitter End but I did find a hostile review of it on YELP:
((( quote )))
Ripoff Bartender thief! And I will NEVER go here again. The only reason I joined yelp is to write this review. I was in this joint Friday the 16th and gave the bartender my card. I had four beers all during happy hour ($3/per = $12). I had a buddy who had four beers during happy hour (another $12, plus one after happy hour $4.5 for a total of $16.5). I also ate dinner ($14) that adds to about $42.5. When I got my credit card back the charge was $51.50. The bartender (Martina) flat out lied about how much we drank. I don't know who the owner and/or manager are hiring. But Martina the bartender is a thief. I hope this joint pisses on itself.
((( end-quote )))

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photo by Donald Kinney

Hey, lets nuke some noodles...

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Si's blog said...

What an eye you have for great photos. Envy you that. Enjoy it every time I can get a moment to come by to see them.

photowannabe said...

I totally love that first shot on Clement St. When we lived on 20th Ave. off of Clement things were so much different. That was back 45 years ago. The majority of establishments were of Russian and Slavic origin. The old Lick Market was like shopping in Lenningrad. Slowly some Asian influence filtered in but it was mostly Chinese. I agree that Clement is a fascinating place to wander around and there are some funky antique stores there too.
Thanks again for another walk down memory lane.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Don,
I like the curtains (artistically) very muc so too! Also the trompettist shadows , and haha your comments on YOUR photo's made me smile, Very well written and also the Pho's are great!

(I showed anothe expo pho on my blog)

Tomate Farcie said...

hmm..yeah, I could go on and on about Yelp, and not in a good way, are you sure you want to hear it? ;)
(begin b*tch mode)
First of all, you can only select "useful" "funny" or "cool" and to do that, you have to have a Yelp account. Which means that only Yelpers can vote on the reviews. Even if you have a Yelp account, you still can't thumb-down a "review"

Also keep in mind that the majority of these Yelpers are really young... Yelp can be useful but you don't want to believe everything you see.

I'm also real suspicious of people who can write so-called "reviews" based on their first and only visit. Usually it takes a bit more familiarity with a business to be able to give a good and fair evaluation, than just the initial 10 minutes most of these yelpers spend. (end b*tch mode)

Tomate Farcie said...

Where was I? Oh yeah, the "bitter end" makes a great shot! :)

Tomate Farcie said...

Sorry it's me again, forgot something. "Goddam taggers" is right. Did you know that in San Francisco, the land of the stupid laws (yeah, I know, I'm in a mood today), they punish the small businesses and homeowners if there is graffiti on their walls, but they don't do anything to the taggers? There was an article in the Chronicle about a month ago. Can't find it now, but the gist of it is that they don't have the manpower to go after the taggers (understandable) yet there is some kind of city ordinance saying that you may get fined serious money if your wall has graffiti on it, so you have to repaint... constantly!! It's crazy.

I think it may be this one:

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