October 08, 2013

experiments -- plenty of room for failure

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photo by Donald Kinney

Well, if there is anything I enjoy more than kissing pretty ladies it would probably be snapping that shutter of mine. But truth be told--opportunities for kissing pretty ladies around here are rare. On the other hand, with the camera, it is just one snap after another. Snap, snap, snap...

Sometimes I like to get a little bit experimental. Sometimes this works out and sometimes it doesn't. I'm really not too sure about this one (above).

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

I'm a bit more confident about this mirrored image (above), but I still don't think I've quite found my groove. I've just discovered that my Ohio-based buddy Jan Bell of Bell Images has borrowed this mirrored technique for one of his website images (column2, row3), so maybe I am on to something.

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Zoomie said...

The mirror image is clearly experimental but I'd love to know what's experimental about the winding road. Looks like Route 1 to me. :-)

AphotoAday said...

Hi Zoomie. That is Ridgecrest Boulevard, up on Tam. I called it experimental because I used the "Clarity" filter in CameraRAW set to a minus value which eliminated a lot of the fine detail. I also accentuated the blacks and boosted the high values, leaving very few middle tones turning it into a high-contrast image, breaking just about every rule I know about tonal management. In any case, the original image was pretty dull and uninteresting until I applied Photoshop in sort of a wild and wooly way. Glad you like it. I like it too, but know several "traditionalists" who wouldn't.

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