October 23, 2013

from another planet?

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photo by Donald Kinney

...on a lonely mountain highway in the dark of night.
Well, I'm probably not good enough of a liar to convince anyone of my UFO sighting (with photographic proof) over the Pacific Ocean the other evening.

But a curious set of events caused that streak--my hand bumped the camera very near the end of exposure, and while the low values didn't respond to the shake, the bright helicopter light in the sky left a thinner streak to the left. Looking closely, there is smaller light, below and to the right of the bright light, streaking in the same direction. So... sorry folks, not a UFO.

photos by Donald Kinney

Over the ten or twelve years that Kitty was living with me here at Kittyland, I often wondered if she might have arrived on earth from some other planet.

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John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

I was impressed with that photo. Thanks for the explanation although I really wanted to believe "other worldly".

Nancy Ewart said...

Oh you can't fool me - that's Kitty in the sky with diamonds!

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