August 27, 2013

Elephant Mountain -- highly obscured

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photo by Donald Kinney

She is long gone, but I can still hear my mother telling me to "sit quietly & listen". So, not that I "always" obeyed her recommendations and demands ("never", according to her), she did make a pretty good listener out of me.

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photo by Donald Kinney

So, you may have been noticing here on the blog that I have been posting a shorter string of photos--just two today, and although I could have posted more, there is a mantra I am trying to obey--the concept of "less is more".

Of course, I am still not comfortable with this "less is more" concept. I am in conflict with my desire is to show a whole LOT of images, but I DO see the point--that showing fewer will put more emphasis, and be less distractive on the one or two images I DO show.

The whole concept hit home in July when I "curated" my own work for my exhibit at the Mill Valley Library. The photographs in the show were a definite hit, but there were just too many of them in the small space I had to work with. My intent was to show as many photos as I could possibly display--44 in total--but two people who really DO know about things like this, suggested that the show may have had more of an impact had I just displayed seven or eight much larger prints, very widely spaced on the walls I had available. As I said, I'm still struggling with that concept of "less is more", but as I mentioned--I am a good listener and quite willing to learn.

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