July 07, 2013

Mill Valley Public Library, 375 Throckmorton, Tuesday, July 9, 6-to-8 --Don's show opens --let's schmooz...

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photo by Donald Kinney

In 1960, the Library's collection contained 37,600 books and annual circulation was 153,454. Momentum began again in the early 1960s for the Community to build a new Library facility. Eighteen special meetings were held by the Library Board that dwelt on the selection of a site and the selection of an architect. In September 1963, the City Council selected the Old Mill Park site of the current Library for new construction despite solid opposition over the use of park lands for a building.   Courtesy M.V.P.L.

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photo by Donald Kinney

A $325,000 bond election in the following year passed with a 70 percent voter approval. Donn Emmons was chosen as architect ("I have never given more loving care to any project") and Lawrence Halprin was selected to be the landscape architect. In a subsequent decision, Richard O'Hanlon was commissioned to create the sculptured pieces at the Library's entrance.   Courtesy M.V.P.L.

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photo by Donald Kinney

The groundbreaking for the new Library took place in June 1965, and in August 1966 the old Library building was closed and the present Library was opened. The formal dedication of the new facility took place on 18 September 1966. The new Library building won an award for excellence from the American Institute of Architects in 1968.   Courtesy M.V.P.L.

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Oh, did you hear?   I've got photos on display at the Mill Valley Public Library!   I realize that many of you live at great distances, unable to attend the opening on Tuesday, so if you can't be here in the flesh I'll invite you to be here in Spirit. A bunch of friends; some whacky dudes and gals, and even some relatives I haven't seen for 10 years have said they will be stopping by. I still have people I need to invite, but consider yourself invited. RSVP not required. I'm going to bring wine for all of you alcoholics. Yuck, yuck.

Even a lot of people who can't come have been sending the nicest notes. Notes of congratulations. Pats on the back. I had to go buy a larger hat size.

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congrats on the exhibit, could not be a more beautiful looking place to hang some great photos!

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