July 15, 2013

fog -- hanging in a delicate balance

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photo by Donald Kinney

I never did figure out whether this bank of fog was coming in or going out, but it was obvious it was struggling to hold position, right there at the Gate. Taken about a week ago, shooting almost directly into the sun.

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photo by Donald Kinney

But make no mistake--this fog clearly was on the way in. Taken abut two weeks ago with my shoulder orientated to the sun. The two images in this post are so different that they wouldn't qualify as a diptych. A relatively new word for me, but I've been learning about diptychs and triptychs lately--and finding suitably paired photos can be a challenge.

[republished from a few days ago]
to diptych/triptych or not to dipthych/triptych; that is the question...
But what do I know about selecting and hanging an exhibit? All I knew is that I had a relatively limited amount of wall-space and my desire was to display as many photos as I possibly could. I must have approached the problem mathematically, with tape measure in one hand and the power of "x2" in the other. It didn't take me long to compute that I could display a whopping 44 prints by displaying them as 16 diptychs and 4 triptychs; all in 14x20 Nielsen frames, with thick rag mats and glass. Piece of cake.

The question all along as been if the exhibit would appear crowded.
And it could be. Again, space was the key factor--being able to display as much of my work as I could.

But you know, my good friend Nancy Ewart saw the exhibit on Friday, and while she always gives me top marks for my work, she did suggest that the diptych and triptych idea just might not be the best way to display my photos. And I tend to believe that Nancy might be right. And after having to pair the ones hanging, I now realize what a challenge combining two or three images can be. After all I'm not actually in-to diptychs or triptychs, it was just a space-consideration kind of decision. Maybe for my next exhibit I will try bigger and single prints, on walls with lots of "whitespace". Some place big, so I can show a lot of work.

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