July 26, 2013

fog at Big Rock -- Lucas Valley

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photo by Donald Kinney

I'm probably just as much as a sleepy-head as anybody else, but when there is a chance of some morning color and/or drama, I am up-and-outta-here.

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photo by Donald Kinney

But the problem is deciding in which direction to go. West of Fairfax is our beloved Mount Tamalpais. To the east is China Camp with splendid morning views across San Pablo Bay. To the south is the Golden Gate Bridge and pleasing views of Angel Island. And in the northern direction--two superb places; the lake at Nicasio, and just a bit to the east--Big Rock--the area you are seeing here today.

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photo by Donald Kinney

And there it is--Big Rock itself, standing at about 40 feet tall. This rock has a bit of history. For years it was repeatedly plastered with countless layers of graffiti and tags, until George Lucas bought the surrounding land for his second campus in Lucas Valley (which by the way is not named after George or any of his relatives). Big Rock has since been cleaned up, fenced, lighted at night, and is under 24 hour video surveillance lest some miscreant be tempted to leave his or her mark.

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1 comment:

photowannabe said...

That's a huge rock. I had no idea.
Love the morning fog shots.
We live in such a beautiful, ever changing area.
Thanks for sharing Don.

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