September 12, 2011

Lagunitas means "little lagoons" in Spanish

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photo by Donald Kinney

As much as I like to fool around in the City, I feel much more at home along side of my bucolic creek--my little lagoons--"Lagunitas" in Spanish.

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photo by Donald Kinney

Part of my fun is calling the rippled water "groovy"; a term that dates back to the last century when we rock-'n-rollers played platters called "records" (a flat circular disc impressed with a long continuous spiral groove full of bumps and valleys that could be detected with a needle, amplified, and blasted if desired at injurious decibel levels).

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

And the fun didn't stop there... In the old days we used the term "far out" probably a bit more than we should have. And even now although I am old as dirt, I still use "far out" interchangeably with most any positive descriptor. I think my beloved Lagunitas Creek is "far out" beyond description. "Totally", to use a slightly more modern term.

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Hilda R.B said...

Beautiful photos!

AphotoAday said...

Well hello HILDA -- I absolutely love your photography. And everyone who sees this should go to my sidebar on the left and click on "Hilda's Nature Blog" for a real treat. I posted a link on my Facebook page yesterday but didn't see a way to leave a comment on Hilda's blog. She does mighty fine work! Wonderful water, but all of her imagaes are wonderful.

photowannabe said...

Love your "Far Out and Totally Groovy" photos Don.
You are a story teller in photos.

Anonymous said...

That's what that means! very nice shots! I can't wait to get my first DSLR from the university I'm going to and try it out on water.

Jeremy Richter said...

Inspired by the reflection work you do so regularly, I attempted some of my own at a local creek and have been posting some of the results over the last couple days. I have a long way to go to attempt your skill at capturing these small moments in time.

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