April 16, 2011

please help me select images for the Marin County Fair

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Well folks, I've already cried on your shoulders about my Canon5D being in the shop -- it's probably beyond the point of an economical repair but I still haven't heard back from Canon repair with an estimate.

But being "camera-less" will be a good opportunity to float-a-raft-of-photos-past-you -- maybe you would be willing to evaluate them, and in so doing help me narrow down my six selections for this year's Marin County Fair photo exhibit. I am always SO bad at judging my own work -- I tend to get emotionally attached to my photos and cast all obvious shortcomings aside.

I'll be doing this selection process thing for the next week or two, so please brace yourself. And thanks for your input -- I really appreciate it.



Hooly said...

I've debated whether to continue rating your beautiful photos. I don't necessarily know/recognize superior photography skills, and my votes are cast according to composition, my taste in subject matter, and the immediate feeling I get in my gut when I first see your photo. I don't know all the subtle things to look for in determining a great photo, like exposure, balance... I don't even know those aspects to name. I guess I'm asking, do you want folks like this to rate your photos? And by the way, I liked the rating system you used yesterday, with a few more choices along the scale.

AphotoAday said...

Thanks HOOLY -- I really appreciate your input, whether or not you're up with the latest lingo and camera techniques. What I'm after is the "gut response" of normal people -- lord knows where the minds of the judges will be... But I am SO bad at evaluating my own photos -- as I've said, I get emotionally attached to the circumstances that surrounded the making of the image, and that can skew what is truly good and what might not be.

Good observation that I might need more categories for the choices, but this is all the space I have to use, but still, I think I can definitely use this information to my advantage.

Thanks again, HOOLEY, and thanks to everyone else. If I can help anyone out somehow, anyway, some day; just let me and Kitty know.

Tomate Farcie said...

Well, I was thinking the same thing. I know what I like but ... what does that mean? I think we all make these decisions based on emotion. Me, I like the tree with the fog at the center (the one with the most color) because it reminds me a little bit of the trees in France. It's an emotional response. I have no idea which photo is better technically than another.

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