January 13, 2010

City Windows

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

I've never been able to exactly figure out why ballerinas wore such short skirts, unless it is to give us accidental peeks at their underwear.

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

And who would know that a high-heel shoe could be so seductive.

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Hot steamy food is readily available inside this window.   Hey, a guy has to eat -- can't waste all morning talking to the manequins...

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Eleonora Baldwin said...

I want those shoes. And whatever is steaming up that window.

Great images, thank you for sharing.

Roma Every Day

Anonymous said...

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Marvin said...

I've never been tempted to become a ballerina or wear high heels, but I'd join you for some Dim Sum.

Nice shots, Don.

Jen said...

Hey, I'm in chinatown pretty much every week and that place is GREAT!

AphotoAday said...

HI JEN -- Yeah, the place looks inviting and the gals behind the counter are really good looking -- although they are always waving me off--telling me to go away... I'll have to dig up an old photo of them just before they started yelling at me... (I'm used to it) And Jen -- do you know about the Chinatown Photo Club? Now, I wouldn't understand a single word, but that's one group I'd like to join -- I bet they come up with some really great photos...

AND HI MARVIN -- Now that would be funny -- you in a tutu (or whatever they're called -- but you've definitely got to try high-heels someday... But you go first...

AND 123 123 -- Who do you think you're foolin'?

AND HI ELNORA -- Thanks for the comment -- I really love your blog of Italy -- HEY EVERYBODY, Check out Elnora's blog -- "Roma Every Day" on my sidebar.

photowannabe said...

Love, love, love these postings today. The windows are pure art Don.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Wonderful Don, I like the reflection of shopwindows and the vague moves, a bit abstract, but also creative, all of them have a "Don-style" and I mean that very positive, thanks:)

Creative greetings from JoAnn/Holland

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