October 16, 2009

*special edition* CALIBER comes to S.F.

Who's this rag-tag group?   CALIBER, that's who...

photo courtesy Troy Holden

That's right folks, four of San Francisco's powerhouse photographers have joined forces -- so put on your hard-hats -- I see a deluge of really great City photography coming our way at http://calibersf.com.

The four members are:
Brad Evans, who does the fabulous CitySnaps photo-blog.
Stuart Dixon, who has a strong eye and a bold approach.
Julie Michelle has an incredible gift for people photography.
Troy Holden documents the City from every perspective.

At this point we don't exactly know why the catchy name CALIBER was chosen, but until I hear otherwise I'm going with the notion that it's a San Francisco play on New York's MAGNUM.


Brad said...

Wow!!! Thanx a ton Donald for the great shout - we really appreciate it!

If I remember correctly (and one of the other three correct me if I'm wrong), the name Caliber was Stuarts idea right from the beginning. We kicked around other name ideas back and forth over a week, but kept coming back to Caliber - nothing else came close.

Sometime we should hook up and shoot - I'm certain our paths have crossed many times!

photowannabe said...

This looks like a group of the highest caliber. Looking forward to seeing their work on one of my favorite cities.

Louise said...


tangobaby said...

Donald, you are WAY too kind! So when are we getting together so I can treat you to that strawberry malted?

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