October 20, 2009

Bolinas -- no road-sign in sight

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photo by Donald Kinney

To call Bolinas "secluded" would be an understatement -- it's so far out that you should add oodles of extra time to your journey if you want to travel there...   But thinking about it -- if you are concerned about time, you are probably going to the wrong place.

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photo by Donald Kinney

The problem with getting to Bolinas is that you're probably going to have a difficult time finding the town.   You see, there are no road-signs pointing to or announcing Bolinas.

Years ago, a loose collection of Bolinas protectionists decided that they didn't appreciate tourists visiting their paradise, so they began stealing the roadsign out on Highway One.   The Highway Department kept replacing the sign and the "Bolinas Border Patrol" would keep stealing them, so eventually the Highway Department just gave up.   Even now, twenty or thirty years later, Bolinas doesn't have a road-sign on Highway One.

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photo by Donald Kinney

It's one-stop-shopping in the entertainment department at Smiley's, right there on the main drag of Bolinas.   You can't miss it.   Definitely hard to miss on nights when they've got live Reggae going on...
CLICK for a fact-filled article on the history of Smiley's.

Right across the street is the Coast Cafe -- they've got great food.   Go over to the market and see what a general store looked like sixty or seventy years ago.

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photo by Donald Kinney

Well, unless you want to sit on a bar-stool at Smiley's or pack-on-a-few-pounds at the Coast Cafe, I'd suggest a walk on the beach.   If you get there at just the right time you can see reflections of Mount Tamalpais in the waters of Bolinas Lagoon.

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photo by Donald Kinney

Bolinas is a collection of Creative Types, Free-Thinkers, Old Hippies and Beatniks, and all the Spirits that accompany them.   This is the Spirit of the Bull, one panel of many on the seawall along the beach.

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Dutchbaby said...

Ooh, I hope that the Bolinas residents don't find out that you're writing a travelogue about their beloved town :-)

I love visiting there; such a great place.

Louise said...

I think I'd be afraid to go there. They'd spot me a mile away! Love that open doorway. The colors are so inviting.

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