August 08, 2009

local deer

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Life goes on, or at least it is trying, amongst the deer around here in Marin County.   I recently came across these two gentle souls out at Roy's Redwoods, in west Marin County.

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

I made this shot through a very dirty window -- I should wash it.

And I should try to have my camera "operational" when the deer come walking through.   I usually have the memory card out or something else not ready.

And they DO come walking through my yard -- at all hours -- and this year we have two mothers, one with one fawn and another mother with two.   They are SO cute!

The local deer are feeling a bit safer in the neighborhood since one mother deer gave a pesky dog a good clop a few weeks ago.

The lady who lives upstairs has been leaving a pail of water out for them -- I think the deer appreciate that.   I've heard that if you leave water out for deer they will be less likely to munch on your plants.

July 30th edition of the DailyDuo has two photos of one fawn.

CLICK for old shot of young deer.

CLICK for old shot of resting buck.

CLICK for old shot of scampering deer.

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Coy Hill said...

Nice deer shots Donald. I really like the closeup of the fawn.

I don't know if leaving water out for the deer would help with their munching or not. Around here they do some serious "munching" in dry weather. The only way I have found to grow my vegies is behind a high fence :)

Tomate Farcie said...

I miss the deer. They're everywhere, in Marin. They used to come down the stairs in front of my place on Friday night. I like the second shot through a dirty window.

Louise said...

VERY cute. Why wash the window? It will just get dirty again. I never heard that about the water. I will remember if I'm ever in a place where deer are again (which would mean I would have a very big garden).

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