June 26, 2009

up and down Telegraph Hill

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photo by Donald Kinney

Early on Wednesday I found some free parking on Bay Street down by the Embarcadero, so I mosied over to Levi Plaza to contemplate the brutal stairs leading up to Coit Tower.   A little voice within me said;  "Do it".

Oh, I've been up and down these stairs before -- it's a steep climb but there are beautiful gardens all the way up -- not so evil of a climb if an old guy like me just takes his time.

There are two other sets of stairs that scale the east face of Telegraph Hill.   Perhaps you've heard of the independent film "The Parrots of Telegraph Hill"? -- well, the Parrot-Guy, Mark Bittner, lived in this area near another set of stairs.

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Click on this link If you really need to see a shot of Coit Tower, but this is a view of the San Francisco skyline from Coit Tower.

The Transamerica Pyramid is 853 feet tall, beating out it's rival -- the BofA building at a mere 779 feet.   But the BofA building (555 California Street) sits on higher ground.   Now, to you and I, having the tallest building in San Francisco may sound insignificant, but for top executives it's something of a pissing-contest.

Here's a Wikipedia link to a list of tallest buildings in San Francisco.

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

From Telegraph Hill there's no place to go but down, so I made my way down into Northbeach and across over to Chinatown.   I'm not sure what's inside these tightly wrapped little packages, but I bet it's absolutely delicious.

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Louise said...

The first photo is worth the whole trip. Well, I think it is. Since I didn't personally do it, it seems like it is to me.

Could you smell what was in those packages?

Si's blog said...

More great ones. A treat to come by. Wish I could do it everyday and spend more time,

Deborah Godin said...

I knew that name was familiar - I have a copy of the doc on the parrots of my shelf (in limbo, bacause it's a VHS!) I hope the parrots are still there!

AphotoAday said...

HI LOUISE -- Couldn't smell them through the window, but a lot of shops have them, so they must be popular... If I was a better reporter I would have more info...

AND THANKS SI -- How about I give you a phone call every day at about 5AM to remind you?

AND HI DEBORAH -- You know, I recorded the Parrots of Telegraph Hill off the air and sent it to a buddy in Ohio who likes all things San Francisco... It's a great film -- it's actually turns out to be a love story between Mark and Judy -- and it took me about three viewings to really warm up to the film, but I think it's great...

Oh, I didn't see any parrots in that location that morning, but I did see a lot over at Fort Mason, another one of their hangouts... They're ear-jarring screetches are hard to miss...

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

very impresive selection, the bottom is my favorite , but overall, all pho's are great:)

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