February 26, 2009

spider and web

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Very early on Tuesday I realized that the rains had stopped, and the first thing that went through my mind was the possibility of a glorious sunrise out at China Camp.   So, off I went -- only to be disappointed by a rather ho-hum appearance of the sun...   Hey, no problem -- I got to spook around the village at China Camp, being as quiet as possible so as not to wake up the single resident of China Camp, Frank Quan.   (Actually, nobody is supposed to be inside the village until 8AM, but that's a rule that I frequently break)

So -- no problem, I thought -- I'd just head out to the the Lake at Nicasio via Lagunitas Creek...   Well, of course it was way too early to photograph the Lagunitas Creek, and besides, right now it is a rather un-photogenic raging brownish torrent.   So -- no problem, I thought -- I'd just head on over to Nicasio and see if the lake was doing anything interesting with the morning atmospherics.   It wasn't...

O.k., well the next stop on my loop was "Old Faithful" -- better known as Roy's Redwoods, and there I actually managed to get a few photos, but nothing that would knock-your-socks-off...   Anyway I had a fine time and got a good cardio-vascular workout by hiking up to the top of what they call the Nature Trail.

So, where to from there?   I was just a bit pooped from my hike, but I thought I would stop by the little creek, now raging, between San Geronimo and Forest Knolls -- it's part of the Gary Giacomini Wilderness Area.   That's where I found this spider web and the spider herself -- busy at work, and probably kind of hungry...   I was amazed at just how quickly she was working -- I had quite a difficult time getting a shot where she wasn't slightly blurred by her own movement, but I think this shot will do.

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Louise said...

Will do? This is one of those things that eludes me. I don't see spider webs of this type very often where I live. Where I USED to live I did, but that was before a camera was almost always in reach. When I DO see them (a rare thing around here, or visiting my childhood home area), I have never gotten a good photo. The light is in the wrong place most of the time, or something else is wrong. The last time I was "home" I had 3 scoped out in the yard. Being a humid region, the first morning they were covered in dew, but I don't even remember why I couldn't go out. Unbelievably, not one more time was there dew. And the light was never right when I was around to get it without dew. So I'm impressed this this "will do" photo!

Anonymous said...

So, you were up early with the birds and spiders, eh!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Typical a "Don" photograph, I like your style and you know it!! intersting and detailled , you must have your camera always with you, that prooves this picture...

My blog is giving a background information about an aircrash...

Bye + greetings from JoAnn

Fish Whisperer said...

Really avery nice image. You captured it well.

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