February 20, 2009

Roy's Redwoods

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photo by Donald Kinney

We finally got some good amounts of rainfall here in California, and the waterways out at Roy's Redwoods are gushing and bubbling again.

The mosses have been re-hydrated and are standing tall, and the lichens are definitely enjoying themselves.   One type of mushroom has sprung -- the red-tops -- and the white variety should be popping up soon.   And NO, you wouldn't want to eat either variety...

Sooooooooo, why is this place called Roy's Redwoods?
Well, one of Marin County's pioneer families, the Roys, purchased the land back in the 1880's -- that's about all I know...

Roy’s Redwoods Open Space Preserve, in the heart of Marin County's San Geronimo Valley, is a perfect place for a quick escape -- IF you are able to find the semi-secret entrance along Nicasio Valley Road.

You see, there are no large signs to greet you, just a picturesque meadow surrounded by sheltering bay trees interspersed with clusters of towering redwoods.   These redwoods are among the largest in Marin County.   Remember that these specimens are just the offspring of even more massive “mother trees” that once stood in the center of these rings of 200 foot tall sprouts.

From the meadow you can choose from a number of shaded trails that loop through this 377 acre preserve.   You may also choose to climb the Dickson Ridge Fire Road to enjoy sweeping views that stretch from Mt. Tamalpais in the east to Mt Wittenberg at Point Reyes to the west.

The primeval groves of bay and redwood were once the setting for a George Lucas movie, The Ewok Adventure.   Prior to becoming an Open Space Preserve, several of the great rings of redwoods were inhabited by members of a loosely organized commune.

Today, the great meadow is frequently used for weddings and other special gatherings, but on weekdays visitors are sparse -- usually you'll just find some guy, all alone, shooting photos and basking in the peacefulness of the area...

For a perfect quiet getaway, try the Roy’s Redwoods Nature-Trail.   This trail meanders along a secluded ridge among sheltering fir, madrone, and oak trees.   As I mentioned above, right now the mushrooms are putting on quite a show...

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photo by Donald Kinney

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

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photowannabe said...

A very magical place Don. I imagine there are only the solitary man and the lepricans in the fairyland.

Anna said...

I love these mossy green photos. It reminds me of when I lived in Victoria, BC, and on the lower mainland. I loved walking in the lush greenery.

marc aurel said...

I love the header in this selection. Indeed it is somehow reminding me of "The Hobbit",which was read to me when I was little, yet also, clearly, an actual place.

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