February 22, 2009

confused poppies

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Well, the wildflowers seem to be terribly confused about what time of the year it is out here on the west coast.   All through January and half of February our weather was Spring-like, but the Winter rains have finally caught up with us.   The wildflowers will just have to rock-and-roll with the weird weather as best they can...

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Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hello DON,
Wow what are those wildflowers confused but pretty at the same time....haha but are we not all confused by the confused weather?

Here an answer on your QUESTION on my blog:

Its"Should I stay or should I go" is from "the Clash" Here is the link: ( http://www.playlist.com/searchbeta/tracks#should%20I%20stay%20or%20should%20I%20go )

Good luck with listening:)


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous. Even on our most unseasonably warm day here we won't see something like that! Good for you!

Louise said...

What a treat!

Anna said...

Oh, it that a California Poppy?!?! I haven't seen those in years!

Anonymous said...

so beautiful work!!!

Tomate Farcie said...

One more original GG bridge shot! Love it!

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