May 05, 2008


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photo by Donald Kinney

Yes folks, this is Kitty...   The love of my life...   The Alpha and the Omega...   The feline for whom I would walk barefoot across hot coals for the privilege of caressing her head while saying something soft -- like, "What a good Kitty"...

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Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you Kitty. Very cute

Melinda said...

awww, she is sooo cute!

Stacey Olson said...

Wonderful that you love your animal soo.. my son used to have one that looked just like this.. His name was Decon! thanks for sharing

photowannabe said...

Awww Don , now don't get all mushy on me....
Great shot of Kitty and I can tell that Kitty rules the roost.

Anna said...

Such a sweet photo. I love her "stray" white hairs mixed in with the black.

And what is she looking at so intently, I wonder?


Tomate Farcie said...

I had a dog with a beige and black coat, kind of like that.

Thank you for introducing us to your other passion, besides photography, but do be careful with these hot coals! ;)

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