May 19, 2008

deer at Roy's Redwoods

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

...and if those deer had cameras, I suppose they would have been shooting back...

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Anonymous said...

So, you have your admirers, that following you everywhere?

Texas Travelers said...

Great image frozen in time. I like the little bits on sun on the trees and hills. I notice the deer are staying in the shadows.

Good exposure on a difficult scene,

Texas Travelers said...

I love the photo for tomorrow. From fun, to pain, to I'm not going to make it. Great group.

photowannabe said...

Hey...who you lookin at huh?
I love the way they have popped their heads up and are watching you. Looks like a young buck there from the size of the horns.

Marvin said...

The watcher is being watched. Nice capture.

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