March 27, 2008

Douglas Iris

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

The casual visitor needs to do a bit of searching, but the Douglas Irises are coming in bloom at Miwok Meadows, China Camp, near San Rafael, California.   See you there...

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Texas Travelers said...

Beautiful Iris photograph. Really nice side/back lighting. Cool colors. Crisp photograph.

I'll be back when I have more time. I want to look at all of your photographs.


Anna said...

Gorgeous! It stands out so clear and bright against the background. I feel like I can reach out and pick it up!


AphotoAday said...

Thanks to both of your for the nice compliments on the shot. I used a short extension tube this time instead of a clip-on closeup lens, but still, the lens I have, Canon 70-200 f-4 "L" series with image stabilizatioin isn't the right lens to use for this type of thing. I need to be about 30 inches away with this lens, so any vibration causes havoc. I shot this wide-open at f-4 so the background would be out of focus, but now parts of the flower are also out of focus. It's a problem that can easily be solved by throwing money at it, but that's not something I really want to do right now... Oh, I'll muddle through, somehow, I guess...

Anna said...

Thanks for the technical info. Ah, my poor husband! *L* He's just starting to get equipment for his DSLR and he was almost whimpering when I read this out to him. Good lenses are so expensive!


photowannabe said...

This is fabulous Don. To my untrained eye it looks like a three demensional shot. I can almost feel the velvet petals.
Don't understand all the technical things you do but I sure know what I like.

Sean said...

Wait! What happened to the embarrassing stories from Don to accompany pictures?

I love the shot.

Tomate Farcie said...

I can't get over how good that flower looks. And I don't even have that good of a monitor. Well done!

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