March 22, 2008

Douglas Iris petal

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

A few days ago I went out to Chimney Rock at Point Reyes to check on how the wildflowers were coming along, but found that they have a few weeks to go before they are at their prime.   But then I remembered a sheltered little area just off the road to Limintour Beach that always blooms earlier.

I'm not really set-up correctly to shoot closeups with this new lens (Canon 70-200 f-4 "L" series with I.S.) -- I was just using an old clip-on closeup lens that clips the corners (vignettes) when the lens is stopped down.

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photowannabe said...

Lovely moisture drops in the throat of the petal. I like the singular focus of this shot.

Anna said...

A truly stunning shot! I love how you can just see the droplets on the undersides of the petal. And those deeply coloured veins... this is one of those pictures I could come back to time and again, and find something else I like!


Texas Travelers said...

That "old clip-on" worked very well. Very sharp dew drops. Really nice photograph. Troy

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