March 26, 2008

Albers Flapjack Flour

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

This great big sign is on the side of the Victoria Theater, near 16th. and Mission in San Francisco.   Yes, the Albers brand has been in existence since 1895, but Albers was bought by Carnation in 1929, and Nestle bought Carnation in 1984.   There is a good article about the Albers brand over at:

The Victoria Theater also has quite a colorful history.   The theatre, built in 1908 as a vaudeville house, is now a city landmark and the oldest operating theatre in San Francisco.   I seem to remember it as a raunchy striptease theater in the early '70's, but currently they are featuring "Spike and Mike" animated films -- proudly advertised as "sick and trashy".   Tickets, anyone?

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photowannabe said...

16th and Mission isn't my favorite part of town. I'm just happy to explore it through your camera. I love the painted ads on the side of buildings. An interesting part of history.

Texas Travelers said...

I love the variety in your blog. Even though I am primarily a nature and scenic photographer and new blogger, I have added your site to my "Check it Out - Favorites" blogroll.

Texas Travelers said...

As a follow-up and spending more time on your site, I found this specific blog very interesting. Thanks for the link to Albers brand. I like the history of American success stories. Too bad much of our history is now being outsourced overseas.

Anyway, I am finding more new material on your site every day.

I hope you don't mind all of the comments.


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