January 01, 2010

Cataract Falls, revisited


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Now, back to regularly scheduled AphotoAday programming:

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

While we were in the vicinity of Alpine Lake, I thought I would slip in two more from Cataract Falls -- it drains into Alpine Lake (((and subsequently the Lagunitas Creek))).

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

My photo-buddy in Ohio recently asked me about waterfalls in the Marin County area -- I showed him this, from my expedition to Cataract Falls on December 14.

Cataract Falls is comprised of nine sets of falls, but most day-trippers only have enough energy to climb to the first three.   This is about half way between Fairfax and Bolinas, on the logically named Fairfax to Bolinas Road.

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