June 23, 2014

saving the day -- stopping for just one more

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photo by Donald Kinney

Friday was my day for playing tourist so I headed out onto the Golden Gate Bridge and snapped up a storm. I may have gotten some potential keepers, and maybe I didn't--I still haven't sorted them out and most likely never will.

I finally made my way up to Hawk Hill, only to be inconvenienced by a crew shooting yet another car commercial, shutting down the "Scenic Route" to Point Bonita. I climbed up above the film crew, watched them working, and scowled.

The un-godly afternoon commute was the final insult, but I think I saved the day on my way home with this snap of my beloved Mount Tamalpais. Maybe you have a better theory, but the vegetation, I have concluded, is most likely from outer-space.

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