December 07, 2013

7/25 - Photographing Marin County - my new book

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photo by Donald Kinney

New batch of books is in, and they look GREAT! Sharp and the colors look superb! First ones went out in the mail yesterday. Wahoooo!

This image is on page 23...   Taken June 2011 at China Camp Village.

This is the shack that guards entrance to the pier at China Camp. Frank Quan, the last remaining resident of China Camp has his rustic shrimping boat at the end of the pier, floating in shallow water.

Because of water diversions to California's Central Valley, not a lot of fresh water flows into San Pablo Bay. Brackish water is not conducive to the native Bay Shrimp population, and Frank's catches these days are barely enough to fill a small sack. Small potatoes compared to the hundreds of tons of Bay Shrimp that were netted from the 1860's to the early 1900's. Most of the catch was dried and, believe it or not, sent to Japan and China.

The big and seldom told story here at China Camp is the horrendous discrimination Chinese immigrants faced when they arrived in this country. Netting shrimp was one of the few occupations the "White Man" allowed the immigrants. Chinese were prohibited from selling their catch directly to the fish merchants of San Francisco--the Chinese were required to hire a "White Man" as a middleman. Oh, there were other restrictions, such as how much could be caught, and when and how the Chinese were allowed to set nets.

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photo by Donald Kinney

This image is on page 22...   Taken October 2013 at China Camp Village.

Inside of the building at the head of the last remaining China Camp dock. China Camp Village was once bustling with 469 residents in 1880.

Okay, okay, I realize that not everybody has $30 to shell out for a book, no matter how much they might want to support me and my work, so for the next 18 days I will be showing images from the book 2 at a time. You can also see exactly what the book looks like in a preview from MagCloud, the publisher, and you can also visit my website, to see the images displayed as an exhibit without the book formatting and more info on how to place your order.

Photographing Marin County - the exhibit and book

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