December 13, 2013

13/25 - Photographing Marin County - my new book

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photo by Donald Kinney

Image on page 41 of the book...   above Rodeo Beach, December 2011.

Air dovetailing with land. Heavy air low--light air higher. Sunset glow in the distance. A pleasing view above Rodeo Beach, not far from the Golden Gate.

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photo by Donald Kinney

This image is on page 43 of the new book...   near Fairfax, November 2012.

"Ta - mal' - pa", the Spirit of our beloved Mount "Tam - al - pie' - us", likes to cloak herself in veils of fog on chilly mornings.

Okay, okay, I realize that not everybody has $30 to shell out for a book, no matter how much they might want to support me and my work, so for the next 16 days I will be showing images from the book 2 at a time. You can also see exactly what the book looks like in a preview from MagCloud, the publisher, and you can also visit my website, to see the images displayed as an exhibit without the book formatting and more info on how to place your order.

Photographing Marin County - the exhibit and book

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Nancy Ewart said...

Your header today is like something out of film noir. I expect Bogart to land and immediately go undercover, aided by some glamorous female spy. Or shades of "The Maltese Falcon."

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