December 01, 2013

1/25 - Photographing Marin County - my new book

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photo by Donald Kinney

Well, I already have my copy, and the first batch of the beautifully printed "Photographing Marin County" will be rolling in late Monday. Excitement is in the air. Christmas is just around the corner. I invite you to cut loose and buy the book. To be honest, I could use the dough.

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

So, you might be wondering how someone so obscure as me, Donald Kinney could possibly have a book (this is actually my third book in the past three years), but it has all been made possible by modern updates in the printing industry. No longer are huge press-runs necessary to produce an extremely high-quality print job at a reasonable price. In fact, "on demand" publishers like MagCloud, Blurb, and Lulu, have been using million dollar state-of-the-art Indigo presses that have set traditional lithography on its ear. Did I mention that the quality is exceptional?

Okay, okay, I realize that not everybody has $30 to shell out for a book, no matter how much they might want to support me and my work, so for the next 24 days I will be showing images from the book 2 at a time. You can also see exactly what the book looks like in a preview from MagCloud, the publisher, and you can also visit my website, to see the images displayed as an exhibit without the book formatting and more info on how to place your order.

Photographing Marin County - the exhibit and book

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GreenComotion said...

The 2nd one, with all the dark and light clouds, is so beautiful. Great photo!

Paz :)

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