July 20, 2010

Carmel by the Sea

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photo by Donald Kinney

I suppose this soft chalky rock might have a fancier name but I've always known it as Carmel Stone, quarried from nearby Carmel Valley. It has a flat grain that splits nicely.

Carmel is filled with more than it's share of art galleries and this invitingly lit place is one of them. You'll also find fine books, rare wines, gourmet food, botiques, and little places to stay that will more than likely do a Harry Houdini to your vacation funds.

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photo by Donald Kinney

I suppose living in a stone house would be very civilized, for a civilized person with a LOT of money. (((Is that an oxymoron?)))   This fine home has a waterfront view of Carmel Beach, Carmel Bay, and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

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photo by Donald Kinney

Well, it took me 35 years to finally get here, but on Friday I visited the Weston Gallery in Carmel. And what a treat! They have some VERY nice images on display by some very well known photographers, and of course Edward Weston himself.

I idolized Weston when I was a teenager -- and still do. He has a strong graphic approach to his compositions and he was able to discover the most beautiful and unusual subject matter. He worked simply, making contact prints with negatives from an 8x10 view camera, never feeling the need to enlarge any of his work. But time marches on -- visit the Weston Gallery these days and you can go home with a HUGE and reasonably priced Pepper #30 under your arm (and a smile on your face).

Be prepared to pay several thousand dollars for a photograph by one of the "GREATS" these days, and even more for an Edward Weston or an Ansel Adams, so I suggest you keep in mind that you can currently buy original Donald Kinney (19"x13") prints for a mere $100. What a bargain! Buy two and get free shipping! Come on people, what you waiting for? Christmas?

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photo by Donald Kinney

Oh, did I mention I grew up, oh so many years ago, in nearby Pacific Grove?
A fine way to spend Sunday afternoon might be for Dad to pack everybody in our yellow 1947 Pontiac and drive around Seventeen-Mile-Drive and Carmel's narrow Ocean View Boulevard.

Dad would always point out the oceanside homes of the rich and famous, including the stone castle (Tor House) of well known poet Robinson Jeffers.

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photo by Donald Kinney

As I was leaving Carmel Mission I spotted these sheep grazing out by where the Carmel River meets the sea. That's Point Lobos in the background.

If I had canvas and brushes with me I would have tried my best to paint you a picture. I wonder if I would have been successful reproducing the tranquil feeling. Probably not -- it's probably better that I stick with the camera.

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Unknown said...

That first one is really pretty, I love the textures. :)

photowannabe said...

Nice, nice, nice Don.
Point Lobos Ahhh.

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