July 20, 2010

NEWS EVENT -- Julie Michelle shoots Don

check it out:
Well known, loved, and super-talented San Francisco photographer, Julie Michelle, shot Marin County photo-hack Donald Kinney on Sunday while on a CaliberSF photowalk in SOMA. "Enough of that bastard" she was heard to say as she was led way in handcuffs -- blood still dripping at the scene from Don's lifeless body. "And I'd do it again", she was again overheard saying -- "I shot him and I shot him good" -- "he had it coming" snapped a photo of me and another photog (Brian Seward) "in our green shirts" on today's edition of CaliberSF.com

About eighty "crazed" photographers met up at SOMArts on Brannan at 8th, and we had great fun walking around the South of Market Area shooting whatever tickled our pixels.


julie said...

Don, you are crazy but you are also pretty darn funny. As long as you don't take photos of me with a mouth full of food, we're cool and I promise not to hurt you.


We're looking forward to seeing the photos you got from the walk so hopefully you'll share some of those soon! Thanks again for joining us. That was a great crowd, huh?

MELI. said...

you are *loving* it!! :D

Emmy said...

Haha! Don, you are so funny :P

(And I'd hope that Julie would never actually shoot you!)

photowannabe said...

Loved your "portrait" Don. I almost saw you. The photo shoots look like a lot of fun. Post the pictures soon.

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