November 19, 2008

"r"ecord -- it's ABC Wednesday !

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photo by Donald Kinney

I'm looking forward to seeing everybody's "r" for ABC Wednesday !

This is Grooves, on upper Market Street in San Francisco -- the place is hard to miss...

Yes, people still enjoy vinyl records.   When they get old they hiss and pop a bit too much for my tastes, but under perfect conditions some audiophiles think vinyl has a richer sound than digital.   Article on this topic

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

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Anonymous said...

For the last few days I have been playing tapes of music I recorded off our vinyl before we went to the island. Some was recorded 22 years ago.
In a sense I am still using vinyl.

Anonymous said...

great shots! grooves is very old school SF.

sometimes i wish you put your camera settings, so newbies such as myself can learn how to use my tool(s).

hey, have you ever been to that little diner next door?

Raquel Sabino Pereira said...

Wow!!!! This one made me dizzy!!!!
Great choice!!!!

Tomate Farcie said...

I remember vinyls. Personally, I thought CD's were the best thing since sliced bread when they came out, only because, by then, I'd scratched so many vinyls by playing them over and over and over... I still have a handful of LP's some place, and many people I know do as well. They do have their charm.

I miss that Village Music store in Mill Valley. You could find very rare records, French stuff nobody else heard about, let alone sold... the memorabilia on the wall was priceless, and the guys working in the place were really friendly.

AphotoAday said...

HELLO TOMATE FARCIE (and everybody else)

Yeah, I never visited Village Music -- I don't know how, but I've known people over the years who have raved about it.

And I think I've got some L.P.'s rolling around -- not that I still have anything to play them on...

When I was a kid I got a whole bunch of 78's from someone who was throwing them out... I listened to them all, but eventually they all got thrown out -- wish I had saved some...

That little cafe must be interesting on the inside... I got a shot of the sign -- "tip top", but my shot of the front of the building didn't look so hot, so I didn't bother Photoshopping it...

antigoni said...

Great post! And funny!

photowannabe said...

Love this R post. I still have quite a collection of vinyls. Some we have sold on Ebay others I would love to play if I had something to play them on. The covers have such great artwork.

Leslie: said...

Great shots! Young people today don't even know what a "record" is now. They missed out on a vital bit of history, I think.

Bear Naked said...

I still have all my vinyl RECORDS from when I was a teenager.
I guess you could call them antiques now, couldn't you?

Bear((( )))

chrome3d said...

I have a lot of vinyl and also a small collection of coloured vinyl 45´s. Yellow vinyl is great and hypnotic too! Groovy, maaaan.

Tash said...

such a surprising post after the nature shots!
glad I didn't miss out on "vinyl" history. still have a box of 45's from late '60s Yugoslavia - including the imported favorites like "Obladi-oblada", "Delilah", and "I left my heart in SF" by the ever popular Misho Kovach. :)
& let's not forget the album covers - still got the original Stones "Some Girls" of much later vintage ofcourse.

Catherine said...

"R" you trying to hypnotize us ?
Vynils record sleeves were more attractives than today sheets of paper.
I don't know if you know Jean Baptiste Mondino (video clip director) started his career with photographies for albums.

It was a creative nostalgic "R".

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