September 07, 2008

young deer

click photo for full-size image
photo by Donald Kinney

Deer like to keep their distance, but this one was extra close.

I found this little one near the beach at Point Bonita on Friday.

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Coy Hill said...

I never tire of good deer images and I like this one a lot. This little girl looks so inquisitive. Very pretty!

I too prefer your unaltered sky, it is a stunner!

kjpweb said...

Sweet shot! Well captured in the backlight!
Cheers, Klaus

Louis la Vache said...

You must have been quick to get this image! I expect she scampered away very shortly after the click!

"Louis" thanks you for stopping by! In the event you didn't see it already, here's more about the Matsons.

Ivar Østtun said...

Cute fellow and a great shot :-)

Lynette said...

Wow. What a photo. And look how limber that deer is, turned to look at you like that while evidently actually facing the other direction. Or is that the back end of another deer?

photowannabe said...

Love this perky expression. She doesn't want to miss a thing. Great shot with the shadow and backlighting on her.

Mary said...

I love how she's got one ear trained in the other direction, to listen for danger. Beautiful!

Anna said...

I'm always amazed at the size of their ears. Like bunny ears.

She's definitely checking you out! Safe? Or not safe? *L*


Tomate Farcie said...

Don, "Hang in there" helps plenty, thank you very much!

I went to the Chihuly exhibit today, and it was a wonderful break from it all. But in the middle of the exhibit, right after the Persians, my battery camera died... argghhh!!! In my excitement, I completely forgot to check it before leaving the house!! I came back and looked again at all the Chihuly photographs you posted on your BIG site. It is because of these photographs that 2 friends of mine and I had such a wonderful time at the De Young today and because of you, we each feel a little bit more ready to start the week.

So again, thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

great capture of the deer. I love when they look back like this. I recently got a similar picture of a small buck doing this.

Shimmy Mom said...

Great shot. The young one looks so inquizative and playful, like it's almost daring you to follow.

Leedra said...

The light is good, and like that he is looking back at you.

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